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Creating Customizable Widged

With CoreStats' customizable widget creation feature, you can create all the data on multiple components of the digital ecosystem (clicks, conversion rates, kpi's, users, player statistics, ads, etc.) at once and even compare data.

Creating Customizable Widged İmage
Lifetime Use with Single License İmage

Lifetime Use with Single License

Once you buy CoreStats, it will be at your service for life. If you need it, you can upgrade your package or purchase updates for your current package. As long as the package you're using meets your needs, sit back and trust CoreStats' metrics.

Sectoral Diversity

CoreStats not only provides metrics for the gaming industry, but can also be adapted for many mobile application areas, for example, you can use CoreStats for the measurement of your mobile applications and e-commerce sites.

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Detailed Reporting İmage

Detailed Reporting

CoreStats processes the raw data of the events you specify in a way that can turn them into actionable information, and provides interpretations and smart suggestions using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict future events. You can examine your reports on the system or export them at desired intervals with PDF, Excel, HTML options.

  • Application Related Reports
  • Reports Regarding Users
  • KPIs
  • Performance Reports
  • Insights (AI)
  • API Usage Reports
  • Custom Event Reports

Adding Optional Modules

You can define additional features to your package to benefit from the features of CoreStats according to your needs.

  • Increasing the number of applications by package
  • Troubleshooting Toolkit
  • Band Traffic measurement
  • AI Module
Adding Optional Modules İmage
Aı Module İmage


Automated predictive analytics and successful process analysis are essential for companies. Manual data analysis for companies in their current financial environment is a process that requires high cost and time, and often erroneous results can be achieved. While this process would have taken hours, days or even weeks ten years ago, with CoreStats you can get it done in minutes.

When the data is used correctly, it provides comprehensive information about the problems developers may encounter and offers the most appropriate insights to deal with them.

Alarms and Notifications

All KPIs and Events that you define through CoreStats create notifications at the threshold values ​​you specify. It offers you different alternatives to receive notifications. It allows you to create profiles, addresses (private e-mail addresses, company e-mail addresses) or groups on the system to receive notifications. Thus, you can forward each notification to the relevant people.

Alarms and Notifications İmage
Integration İmage


CoreStats integrates with Slack, Telegram, Discord, and can be used to analyze the data of any category application published on the Apple or Android market. Don't worry, our web services are already ready for CoreStats integration.

Monitoring Performance Indicators for Games

  • K-Factor
  • Daily Active Users (DAU)
  • Retention
  • New Users
  • Monthly Active Users (MAU)
  • Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
  • Average Sessions Per User
Monitoring Performance Indicators for Games İmage
Freedom to Determine Server Costs İmage

Freedom to Determine Server Costs

CoreStats does not interfere with your server costs. Corestats gives you the freedom to host the application on your own servers.